15 February 2014

How [not] to choose a movie

I confess: I’m shallow. And easy. I’m a total sucker for a pretty face, especially when it’s attached to a pretty torso that may or may not be fully covered by the work of some costumier with any degree of consistency in the film projected before me. However, after a few experiences of stories that I didn’t particularly care for (or that didn’t really hold together), should I put into question this movie selection method?

I don’t get the fuss
Self-important like their hair
And no abs to scam

The boy can wear clothes:
suits, jeans and sweats. But the tale?
Beneath his talent.

Horse-dog and a man
Who lives forever to save
Not this, but that one

Now I won’t deny that there were some lovely shots in these three films, but the stories either failed to make me laugh (when they were trying) or succeeded (when they were not) and provoked so much rolling of eyes that I almost needed to recover with a sleep mask when I got home.

So have I learned my lesson? Well, Pompeii is coming out next week, right Jon Snow (Kit Harrington)?