07 August 2007

Getting Underway!

Here we go again!

I'm finally getting my annual drive for sponsorship for AIDS walk underway. This year our walk, called Ça Marche, will take place on an auspicious day for me. (Hint: my mother spent this day in the hospital some thirty-seventeen years ago and about ten days later a very official document bearing my name was issued. But let's not speculate on what that day might be.) ;-)

Ça Marche is one of the most important events in which I participate each year. Since my own diagnosis with HIV almost ten years ago, I have had a very personal introduction to the importance of HIV-specific services in our community and to the tragic consequences of a society that thinks that HIV/AIDS is something that is happening somewhere else, or to someone else.

Ça Marche gives me the opportunity to do something concrete about both of those things — raise money to help support the necessary services in my own community, and get out on the streets with other like-minded people to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS right here in Montréal.

I also get to challenge people in my own organization: any team of 8 people able to better my personal total earns a cake baked by me. I wouldn't mind baking a bunch of them, but I would like that to mean that everybody raised lots of money, not that I lowered the bar!

If you would like to sponsor me for Ça Marche, here is the link that I have somehow not figured out how to add to the template element at the right of the page.

Every dollar counts, and it makes my walking 7 km on arthritic feet worthwhile!

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Heather said...

Happy birthday Ken, and good luck with the walk!