29 March 2008

Earth Hour

Okay, I'm signing up for all the hype and turning off all my lights, etc. at 8 pm for Earth Hour. I know it's only meant to be symbolic. As symbols go it will be a good and obvious one, so that's nice. I actually plan to take a little nap during that hour, so I can be sure that I really don't have any lights on, and it will probably help my body to deal with the cold I seem to have developed as well. (Question: is it cheating to nap for Earth Hour? Do I actually need to be awake and feeling the deprivation of no lights?)

The thing that really amuses me, however, is reading about how many people are planning to do things by candlelight during Earth Hour. This might seem a tad simplistic, but it strikes me that burning something for light while you turn out your low wattage compact fluorescents might not be helping the environment so much after all.

(Not that I am using those: they are toxic to dispose of!)

So is anyone else wondering what might be the environmental impact of all that candle burning tonight between 8 and 9 pm?

Just asking, that's all...

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