28 June 2008

Math Miracle

I'm not sure how long it is supposed to take for someone to learn how to count, but then again I don't pretend to be an expert in pedagogical method. In an amazing turnaround that seems to have taken slightly less than three months, the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission has managed to do in just one day what it took them weeks to do a mere three months ago: count ballots!

I suppose that Zimbabweans in general have started to have a lot more experience with counting since it started taking so very many of their own dollars to buy basics that the government came out with a $10 million bill. Do they have a 'Take a million, leave a million' tray at the cash register?

How can we sign ourselves up for the Math Miracle?

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Acid Reflux (acidrefluxweb.com) said...

Oh ya, this post reminds me of Girls Will Be Girls,

"Oh I've had more kids ripped out of me than a burning orphanage!!!!"

And if I were a girl, that'd probably be me too, and still have the bite!