28 November 2008

No Dogs Were Harmed...

There's a funny thing about Brian's new dog: she reminds me of a few dogs I have seen in the context of my work over the last couple of years.

There was this HIV campaign for gay men conducted by COCQ-Sida:

There were other objects in the series, too, including sunglasses and, for the MSMs who are not necessarily gay, a lovely suburban home with a two-car garage.

This little chihuahua (pronounced CHI-HOO-A-HOO-A) had the unfortunate side effect of reminding some of us of a rather unfortunate LGV campaign run by our Direction de la Santé publique a couple of years back. Oh, it starts out cute enough, and was supposed to make us all think of any number of Fido commercials:

Lower down on the poster, however, things take a dreadful turn, as the graphic artist tries to illustrate the effects of LGV (Lymphogranuloma venerum) and winds up with something that looks a little like the unfortunate canine strayed too close to a rather near-sighted veteran in early November (that's the polite version):

Well, today really took the cake. There I was, innocently attending the 15ième Symposium sur les aspects cliniques de l'infection au VIH, more precisely the presentation on travelling with HIV, vaccinations and diseases one really doesn't want to encounter, when up on the screen flashed this image to draw our attention to rabies:

We almost fell off our chairs laughing, and I just knew that I would be able to find the image on the net.

So Brian, a word of advice: Don't let Hildy go outside to play!

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Acid Reflux (acidrefluxweb.com) said...

Love the needle one, but I don't think I could post that rude butt one or I may end up with someone from the SPCA arriving at my door with some elastoplast and a warrant for my arrest.