06 December 2008

Coalition OUI!

I went to one of the protests today regarding our big political crisis. The weather was lovely, but quite cool, and there was a brisk wind blowing, which made for lovely flapping flags carried by people in the crowd. I tried to take a couple of pictures of the crowd, but I was in the middle of it, so the panoramic shots just weren't there.

While the crowd was not huge, it was broad spectrum: pretty much all of the union centrals, student groups, artist groups, environmental groups, women's groups, and freelancers like myself and some friends I ran across in the crowd (plus Andrew who came with me).

I did manage to take a couple of photos of some of the more clever signs that people were carrying.

These two were quite fun: Darth Harper and Who's Sovereign Now?

What's especially funny about this one is the use of the Tory poster from the recent election campaign with their meaningless slogan (Québec is getting stronger). What has been added above can be translated as 'Get out the door' (more literally 'Take the Door'). The cutout Harper head, carried as a mask, is just a bonus.

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Brian said...

My mother in Manitoba said she didn't like having "the French" involved in the coalition.

Without thinking I said, "Oh please the Bloc has supported the conservatives with over 140 votes""

I have no idea if that is true but I'm sure I heard it on Politic With Don Newman.

Funny how I've heard not ONE peep about Mike Duffy running off to the senate.

I guess that's why they always had so many conservatives and he complained about Ralph Goodale's horrific partisanship to some New Cons post election.

Oh well let's make a bet on if he's going to top 350 now that he's on a diet of porc. Good thing he's not Jewish.

Time for an update!!!