19 January 2009

Dog's Age

I am realizing just how long it has been since I wrote anything here. A veritable Dog's Age.

I have been involved in my new job, which I am enjoying, but which does occupy my time. I had a rather lazy time off for the holidays, not having had any time off between the hectic end of my previous job and the beginning of the current one, but I didn't use any of that time to write either.

Oh, I have things I have been wanting to write about, to photograph and to share, but those will wait some more. In honour of the amount of time I took to get back to feeding my blog, I present something I wrote to amuse myself and to recount a rather titillating experience in my life. For some reason at that time, all was camp, and I referred to myself in the third person feminine. Imagine.

Walk the Dog

The Definitions

1. Dog. A domesticated carnivorous mammal, canis familiaris, of many varieties.

2. Dog days. Hot, sultry days.

3. To put on the dog. To make a pretentious display.

4. Dogma. A belief, held to be authoritative.

5. Dogged. Persistent.

6. Dog's age. A long time.

7. To fuck the dog. To do nothing, especially when something should be done.

8. Dog eat dog. Intensely or viciously competitive.

9. Dog's life. A wretched existence.

10. To go to the dogs. To deteriorate.

11. Dog in the manger. One who prevents others from using or enjoying that which he cannot use or enjoy.

12. Doghouse. Disfavour.

13. Dog tired. Utterly tired.

The Story

He appeared with his 1 in the 2 of the end of summer. He 3'd below her window. She found her life controlled by 4 and waited for him 5ly. He didn't appear again for a 6, during which time she essentially 7'd. It is, however, an 8 world, and she felt she was leading a 9. He reappeared, his tact having 10'd, with an 11, to whom he showed the tourist attractions of the neighbourhood. She banished him permanently to the 12. She sighed, 13 of the whole species.

The End

And that little piece of 14 explains the amazing development of my Rapunzel tendencies when it comes to men and my living space. Extra points if you can name the 14.

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madamerouge said...

dogsh1t? no... it can't be.