27 September 2009

Mayan Y2K*

I've had my eyes on a film that is coming out soon: 2012

I even came face to face with the large version of the publicity for the film in the cinema.

It seems that the Mayan calendar is coming to an end and with it, so the theory goes, the WHOLE WORLD! Don't bother running for the hills — they will be going, too! And all because some ancient stonecarver neglected to indicate that the new calendar should come out a few months before the old one expired.

No doubt there will be all sorts of doomsday profiteers cashing in on the insecurities of the weak-minded. Some are even cashing in on the cynicism.

I'm reminded of the groups of atheists who have set up a post-Rapture pet care service to take care of the pets of the faithful after the Rapture (pets can't go to heaven and those providing the service guarantee that they are blasphemers and won't be going either). No refunds if the rapture fails to occur or if you get left behind!

And what will they all do if it fizzles like the computer Y2K? Or what if it's real?!

Like those who spent a whole lot of money to prepare for the computer Y2K, I have adopted a preventive strategy to head off any disruptions in my own life.

Some years ago, I switched to the Firemen Calendar, largely out of concern for burn victims (the calendar I buy benefits a burn unit). Now I find that this act of charity will also serve to protect me from the apocalypse. I am sure that there will be a Firemen Calendar in 2013, and that it will be out well in advance of the expiry of the previous one.

*Term stolen from someone I was in a meeting with this weekend. Thanks!


Andrew said...

I couldn't help but notice those fireboys seem to be a fairly smooth-skinned lot. Do you suppose it is because their body hair has all been singed off in the line of duty?

Ken Monteith said...

Luckily, one or two inside the various calendars have donned all the appropriate protective gear and are exposed in their hairy splendour. I'll never understand the shaviing it off thing...

Geoff said...

I've been looking forward to this for a long time! (The movie...not the end of the world)

David McHep C said...

I had no idea that us atheist were offering a pet watching service. What a great way to make some extra money. I did fill out a questionnaire on Facebook about when I'll be meeting the Grim Reaper. According to it I'll be walking off into the sunset in 2012. A friend told me that they probably say 2012 for everyone because of those neglectful Mayans. Dam Facebook. I thought that there was real science behind that app. I agree about the smoothness of the Firefighters. When I see them working I just don't imagine them all smooth under those uniforms. "Where's the bears?" I say. By the way. I'll miss those hills.