21 June 2010

Oh, the Humanity!

Just back from a one-day trip to Ottawa for a meeting and I thought I would write a brief note about the travel experience, rather than the meeting.

First big surprise: I got to the train station with very little time to spare on Sunday only to discover that the travel agency used to book my travel and/or Via Rail had mistakenly booked me for Monday! Some tense moments on my cell phone to the emergency line of the travel agency got me onto the right train with several minutes to spare.

Second big surprise: there was no Via1 car on this particular train, so no lovely free lunch for me! No complimentary drinks either! :-(

The hotel was lovely, and I'll show you what it looked like in this Bob-esque view of the bed:

It was a sleep number bed, meaning that the remote you see on the bed was there to control the firmness by inflating or deflating each side of the bed. A first experience for me, but I won't be rushing out to buy one.

The real tragedies come with the trip home: brace yourself for bourgeois spoiled-bratness!

No problems with the ticket, but what is with this long, long walk to the Via1 car? I mean I – or someone anyway – has paid much more for this ticket, yet I am forced to walk way further than the economy class passengers to get to my car! The world is surely out to get me!!

And then on the way home, neither of the electrical outlets at my seat worked, so I used up 40% of my laptop battery watching two episodes of Justified. (Timothy Olyphant is pretty, cool, and wears his Stetson well.) And, thanks for asking, I am now completely recharged!

I'm just bracing myself for my Air France experience tomorrow. Can things right themselves? ;-)

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