23 December 2010


Yesterday was the thirteenth anniversary of my diagnosis. That experience is described, rather oddly, in the style of a blog I have long since stopped checking in this post.

I didn't really expect to be here thirteen years later, and time will tell how many more I have in me.

Last results: viral load undetectable (<40), CD4+ 238. Those numbers and the date of the first result tend to be omnipresent for people living with HIV (I may be projecting).

Unfortunately for my friend Lois, December 22 is also her birthday. I won't be forgetting her birthday anytime soon, but I might be thinking about something else that day.

I promise to get back to my blogging habits soon.


Greer Nicholson said...

I understand and empathise with those memories of fallen comrades. Birthdays and anniversaries are hardest. What I try to focus on - and this doesn't always work - is that I have to celebrate because they can't. My heart goes out to you on this one.

BobL said...

That is a remarkablele story, Ken. So glad you made it through that nasty episode with PCP and that you are doing well today.

Happy new year, my friend.