06 December 2011

Forever Young

If there's something that I think I have managed to hold onto through all these years of incessant aging, it is my often childish sense of humour. Oh, I might dress it up from time to time in the trappings of witty remarks, but it's basically laughing at silly things, then laughing at laughing, and so on.

I even like to think that I might be getting better at it. My friends might find this hard to believe, but I just might be loosening up in my old age, more easily laughing out loud in public places, and not suppressing any of my reactions to what happens on the screen on front of me when I'm in a cinema.

The best part will always be the out of control laughter with friends. Hmmm…like the time we had been to see the rather silly movie Fired Up! And then, waiting for a bus and anticipating an imminent visit to another friend's home for dinner, we practiced a cheer that we could deliver to her and her family. Most of our time was spent doubled over in laughter, WASPy me not even concerned about how the other passers-by perceived us. (The cheer went over well, but we could have used more practice!)

I think I just needed to name that as one of the things that makes my life more enjoyable. Thanks Andrew, and thanks Eileen for all the silly laughter.

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