04 September 2012

J'ai voté - I Voted

We have ten candidates to choose from in my riding of Sainte-Marie-Saint-Jacques in the Québec election, including eight from among the twenty officially registered parties and two independents. That's my official reminder card above, with my red square to remind me what some of this is all about.

No candidates from the following parties in my riding:
• Bloc pot
• Coalition pour la constituante
• Équipe autonomiste
• Mouvement équité au Québec
• Parti conservateur du Québec
• Parti égalité/Equality Party
• Parti équitable
• Parti indépendantiste
• Parti nul
• Parti unité nationale
• Parti vert du Québec/Green Party of Québec
• Québec – Révolution démocratique

The only surprise there is no Green Party candidate, especially considering they scored over 5% last time around.

I ended up voting in the advance poll, because for some odd reason it was closer to my house than the regular poll, and my mind was made up anyway. For the last week, I have not been influenceable, but I don't seem to attract a lot of attention from the parties anyway: unlisted phone number, odd little part of the neighbourhood that doesn't draw a lot of flyers, and I have a "no flyers" sticker up anyway that, even if it doesn't apply to political tracts, seems to discourage them anyway.

So now I get to sit back and, nerd that I am, watch several TV stations and even more web sites for live election results, starting at 8 pm. It looks like it's going to be even more interesting than usual.

If you live in Québec…have you voted yet?


Anonymous said...

Hashtag to follow the Québec election on Twitter: #qc2012

Ken Monteith said...

That Anonymous was me. I've been getting e-mails indicating there were comments that subsequently never showed up in Blogger for moderation, so I wanted to test it.

Follow my tweets as the results unfold: @ken_monteith

greercn said...

I have made a few comments that never appeared. You've written some wonderful pieces recently and this timely reminder to all Quebeckers to VOTE is terrific.