11 February 2013


So, Benedict XVI has announced his resignation from what we all thought was the original end-dead job, the papacy.

The optimist in me would hope this is some kind of act of contrition for any number of things, like the child sexual abuse cover-up scandals or his and his institution's role in the spread of HIV/AIDS through the condemnation of condom use.

The pessimist (or is it the conspiracy theorist?) in me thinks he has probably found some extremely conservative possible successor who didn't want to wait too long.

Time will tell which of these might be true (bet on #2).

Protocol question for those of us in Montréal: does the cross on Mount Royal turn purple when the resignation takes effect and until the new pope is selected, just like when one dies?

And a final question: could we have a domino effect of resignation of the men in the above picture?


Bob said...

Good riddance.

Terry said...

In answer to question 2:

"One can only hope" Whose the woman next to the pope?

Terry said...

I agree with Bob - Good riddance. Although someone worse might get the job. Normally I would say I didn't care since I'm not catholic and not religious in any way. However too many people, and particularly gay suffer because of his narrow minded bigotry.
And in answer to question 2: One can only hope.