02 April 2013

The Post

Tuesdays continue to be reduced-rate nights at my local cinemas, and that is a very good thing. It is also a very good thing that I went to see this movie alone (I'm on vacation and my friends who returned to work today after a long weekend had other plans)…I wouldn't want to have been blamed for the choice of entertainment. (I'm even rushing this item past the film I saw yesterday in order to make the most of the Tuesday discount experience.)

The acting, as you might imagine from my naming of this blog entry, was stellar. Now, I understand stellar to mean pretty, yet emotionless and seemingly frozen in position. Or am I really thinking of "wooden", as in "post"? That might be unfair. It might just as well have been the fault of the writing. But I did mention pretty, right?

I am generally a big fan of science fiction, even lame-o science fiction. I guess I had just never tried the version written (and produced) by the author of the Twilight series (not one word or scene of which I have read or seen). Oh yes, Twilight means scrubbed squeaky clean.

There was some – gasp! – kissing in this movie. We knew it was getting out of hand when the main female character told the boyfriend of the young woman whose body she was occupying to "kiss me like you want to get slapped". That was just one of several moments when major portions of the audience burst into laughter that I'm pretty sure was not intended by our writer/producer friend.

Nice seats in the cinema, though. Probably the best part of the experience.


Greer Nicholson said...

I liked it more than you did - more than most people did - but I am a bit of a Twi-fan. Too old for it, but I still like the yearning thingy. Great review!

Ken Monteith said...

Don't tell me the crowd didn't laugh at inopportune moments in your screening! Ether of those boys is actually invited to kiss me like he wants to be slapped. ;-)

Greer Nicholson said...

Nobody laughed. This was a very serious TwiHard audience. I was the oldest by at least 40 years. They sighed a lot. I fear I did, too.

Ken Monteith said...

I must have been in the middle of a sea of hipsters, seeing the movie ironically. ;-)