10 May 2013


Let me paraphrase Shakespeare to explain my lovely creation above: Methinks the government doth profess too much.

I have to say that I have been extremely annoyed with the sales pitch at feverish levels for quite some time. Endless TV ads, the giant signs that go up (and stay up for a long time) at sites where there has been some government investment. At times – most times – it seems that there is more trumpeting of action than actual action.

I suppose it's reasonable that they would want to really sell their budget bill. After all, they have rolled all the other legislation into the budget bill for each of the last two years, so they really have nothing else to sell. Curious, though, that they aren't gleefully announcing the gutting of environmental review mechanisms or out-of-control military procurement programs as being the way of the future for the economy. Oh, that's right, they do believe that.

I don't know why the general population seems to operate under the impression that the right wing party will be the best manager of the economy when they are proving themselves again and again to be rather challenged on that score.

It must be the advertising that makes us feel that way.

To be fair (or to crow about my creativity), here's the original government logo that is pasted on anything that doesn't move these days:

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