26 March 2015

Two Coats of Hypocrisy

For some strange reason, people seem to particularly enjoy the misfortunes of the fortunate. It happened in Québec a couple of weeks ago, as a prolific and openly gay radio and television star was revealed to have been ticketed in an area park for having done something he probably shouldn’t have (definitely shouldn’t have, if you ask the police officer). At first, when the news broke, he tried to say that he had urinated and the police officer ticketed him for that, but it only took a couple of days for him to issue a new statement saying that he had not told the truth, that he had masturbated, that he was ashamed of his actions and that he would now withdraw from his professional life for the time being.

No, I’m not going to name him. If you’re resourceful, you will probably be able to figure out who it is, even if you are not familiar with the entertainment stars of Québec. I won’t name him because I don’t want to get on that shaming bandwagon. I think that bandwagon is the thing we should be upset about, not his behaviour. I’m coming for the hypocrites who should be the ones to be shamed.


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