20 January 2007

Where did I go?

This is a fascinating exercise in determining how much time and energy I have.

I started this blog at the beginning of a week off of work, and managed to make 6 posts that week. How many posts since returning to work on 2 January? Yes, this is the first one, almost three weeks later.

I'd like to say that my whirlwind social life has left me with little time to sit down in front of my computer to rave and opine, or generally share the insignificant details of my life, but this is just not the case. Instead, we have a shining example of how little energy I have left at the end of a work day, or a work week.

I have managed to do some things during this time. Four medical appointments is nothing to shake a stick at: a visit to the hospital clinic where I am participating in an anti-lipodystrophy trial that I suspect is actually contributing to my ongoing weight problem, rather than helping to resolve it; a visit to my GP to discover that my blood pressure seems to be under control, but that it spikes when he measures it (and I didn't really think he was all that intimidating); back to the hospital, different area, for carpal tunnnel testing (Ouch! The test is painful!); finally to a new place to have molds made for eventual wrist braces to help me deal with the carpal tunnel thing.

I also went off last Sunday to see Babel. (Note that I did this before it won the Golden Globe.) I did enjoy it, but I felt like it was an attempt of progressive (by U.S. standards) entertainment industry types to address all their issues in a single film — terrorism, immigration, racial profiling related to both of the previous issues.... It did show me, however, that Brad Pitt, even scruffy and greying, is gorgeous in any incarnation. Good thing I'm not shallow. ;-)

Now I have to figure out if I will do some work tomorrow or go see another movie, at least during the time that the sun shines through my front window, making it more difficult to sit in front of the computer (oh — not the lure of the great outdoors, but the annoyance of the light in my eyes and on the screen).

I may just need to have yet another nap.


Brent said...

I was suppose to go on a study like that but I was told I couldn't because I was taking Actos.

davidmccombs4 said...

I'm with you on Mr. Pitt, I'll take him B.O. and all. Call me Mr. Shallow too. My hope is to see "Dream Girls" on my birthday. Although I wanted to see it when I first saw it was released, all those awards HAVE made me want to see it more.