06 February 2007

Minus 28°C With the Wind Chill

That will be our overnight temperature tonight. This translates also into the amount of time it would take for exposed skin to freeze: 10 to 30 minutes.

So I wonder what the fashionable people of Hérouxville will be wearing tonight when they venture outside? This is the small community in central Québec that decided to adopt a resolution relating to its standards of behaviour, just in case anyone who is not a white francophone catholic is thinking about moving there. Among their many assertions is that they do not cover their faces, in order to facilitate public identification, the only exception being Hallowe'en, mistakenly identified as a religious celebration marking All Saints' Day (actually someone else's religious festival marking Samhain, the day before the Christian All Saints' Day).

In light of their refusal to see covered faces, I imagine they won't be seeing any of this:

...no matter how many minutes they intend to stay outside!

And next spring, should any of them care to indulge in that marriage thing, presuming they are not same sex couples, I don't suppose they will be tolerating any of this:

...because that, too, would be covering one's face outside of the religious festival of Hallowe'en.

Seriously, it might have been a better idea for the people and the government of Hérouxville to take the time to express their values in a positive manner rather than in terms of negations of other people's cultures or their own bigoted perceptions of them.

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Brian FInch said...

Darn it, we were going to do the same thing at my co-op! You made me laugh. I want that mask that seems to be only worn for crime or military.

You were reminding me of Winnipeg winter nights where exposed skin will freeze within 30 seconds.

I guess this would be the wrong time to tell you I'm in Puerto Vallarta. Trust me, if you've read the craziness in getting here and still up to today you wouldn't be so envious.

ALso, I thought of you when I was up on the roof of the Blue Chairs ( a hotel there if you don't know PV) and a great remix of "My Hump" came on and I wanted to sing out loud.

My Hump My Hump, My lovely little buffalo humps.

Of all of which making me think of use singing that together.