14 February 2007

Frosty Valentine's Day

Here is the view this evening outside my front window:

This is our big snowstorm for Valentine's Day, which is always amusing. What you see at the bottom of the picture is snow building up on the outside of my window. The thing you don't know is that I live on the second floor!

Yeah...not that much snow: my window does have a ledge on the outside that captures snow. I think, ironically, that it is our neighbours to the south in the U.S. who are getting bigger snowfall amounts. Here, if the mayor wants to be re-elected, our snow will be plowed and taken away from the streets within the space of a maximum of 5 days. Anything beyond that time frame starts people grumbling about the ineffectiveness of our municipal authorities.

Until then, we'll have some amusing times watching people dig their cars out (after road crews heap snow on them from the streets) and try to figure out where they can park in order to avoid the snow removal operations.

I'll see if I can't capture some of the common machinery as the clearing begins over the next couple of days (our city has invested many millions in this equipment and has a giant snow removal budget each year that hasn't been used much so far this season.)

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