12 February 2007

Secret Identity!

Okay, so I'm not really the four-legged creature I have pictured in my profile. In fact, I'm no longer agile enough to walk around on all fours ... at least not for extended periods of time. ;-)

So here is my first lovely, yet grainy and poor quality, picture of myself in my apartment, camera cleverly angled to avoid the stacks of paper and the hundreds of (imaginary) cats. And what am I sporting? Why those are my clever new wrist splints. I am supposed to strap these on each night, at least for three months, in order to address my brand new carpal tunnel syndrome problem.

They are made of plastic and attach with three velcro (or, to use the generic, 'hook and loop fastener') straps each. They were made from casts of my wrists (it took about a week to get them) and they were entirely covered by the Québec medicare system. (*Remind me to heap praise upon all that this coverage gives to me each day in a future post!)

Now picture trying to sleep with these things on. Complicate this picture by no longer being able to sleep on my back (we can thank the hump that my HIV meds have given me), and add a touch of tossing and turning from taking Sustiva (no solid night's sleep in the last two years, or thereabout). Note to Brian — not quite the nightmare experience you had with this lovely medication, and it did seem to be my best alternative to get away from the PIs. So would it be a surprise if even I, the ultimate adherent patient, decided to give myself a night off from the wrist splints from time to time?

My only other alternative is to use the magical properties of the Sustiva to imagine what these wrist splints might be...

Note to self: black cotton crew-neck sweater not really a fabulous bustier.

Supplementary note to self: find appropriate parking spot for the invisible jet — we are expecting snow tomorrow night and Wednesday (yes, Brian, snow, not sand) and the de-icing will kill you every time.

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davidmccombs4 said...

Was Diana Prince an Executive Director? I cannot remember. And where was the washroom in that plane? I expect next we will have photographs of you showing off your lasso abilities. Just like Anderson Copper, “Keeping them honest!” David