20 April 2007

Again with the long wait!

I wonder if it is just that I am lazy, or that I lead a boring life, or that I keep experiencing the combination of busy at work and tired at home, but I have proven to be an exceedingly unreliable poster. So let me catch up a bit....

I did manage to squeeze in a couple of films lately (without going into the difference between 'films' and 'movies,' a distinction I used to like to make, nose firmly in the air). I actually saw The Namesake a couple of weeks ago, shortly after my last entry. As an aside, there is a very funny blog entry by the lead actor on his Namesake blog in which the interviewer insists on pronouncing the film title "naam-uh-saa-kay" — now who's pretentious?

All in all an enjoyable watch, and it reminded me that I can't wait for the next Harold and Kumar film to come out (you've got to love that Kal Penn!).

And after that crazily deep review, we move on to my next film, which all the critics are panning, suggesting it is even less deep than my reviewing skills. (But I flatter myself: they don't even know about my reviewing skills!) Yes, I went today to see Pathfinder. If you read my last post about going to see 300, you would know how much I love to watch scantily clad actors as well as those in elaborate period costumes. Here again, the perfect mix, with scantily-clad aboriginal people (plus one faux aboriginal person, who, of course, is the lead) who all spend a lot of time at the gym, and a bunch of scary Vikings who try to hide their bad haircuts under very elaborate horned masks and helmets but fail, as their unruly beards and other assorted facial hair pokes out for all to see.

As usual, the good guy saves the day after a whole lot of gore and other untimely deaths, but he still doesn't seem all that happy.

Wow! Two movies in about three weeks! Hold me back, I'm a wild man!

I have also spent a bit of time thinking about something I want to do with this blog, and I believe that I have come up with something interesting. I'm going to draw on the memory of an exercise we did in my Grade 12 English class (yes, I can still remember back that far, although I'm sure I will smudge the details a bit in the doing), which was to tell my own story in the style of another available example of writing. I did want to start this blog after all to talk about my life with AIDS and how that has affected me and my outlook on life, not just to provide deep two-sentence reports of movies or films I have seen. And if I can do that by challenging my ability to write in a variety of styles, so much the better. I have already chosen my first kooky example of writing to follow, which you can see here. I expect to get that first one up in the next week or so, but I am most open to any suggestions of other blogs to imitate in my writing. I still promise to tell my own stories and to copy only the style.

In the meantime, I keep amusing myself by participating in Haiku Saturdays here and Fib Sundays here. Lots of fun and a literary challenge to boot! I encourage one and all to join in.

Now to get to work on my first — oh dear, what shall I call it? Maybe if I post it past midnight on Sunday evening I can call it 'Mimicking Mondays,' even though I hold my breath each Monday for Mug Shot Mondays here. Well, I shall have to work on the title as well as the content. Wish me luck....

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