29 March 2007


I managed to go see another film today, using a pass I got from sending in a coupon (and likely getting myself on someone else's mailing list).

I did enjoy it, although I could certainly see why various people have had political objections to the portrayals of the Persians. Still, I might just have an affinity for what others see as evil, because I thought Xerxes looked fabulous, had some lovely outfits for his various legions of soldiers, and they all seemed to be having quite a good time back at camp (we got to see this when the Spartan exile was being seduced into betrayal). Most of all, I just want to be carried around on one of those magnificent throne-litter thingies by a horde of muscled and pretty men! (Surely that doesn't make me shallow!?!)

Getting back to the Spartans, their outfits, while more minimal, were just as lovely, perhaps even for their minimalism!

I guess I wouldn't have done too well in an ancient combat situation, because seeing the men and the costumes on each side, I'm not sure that killing would have been uppermost in my mind.

Come now, Leonidas, is there really anything wrong with a little submission from time to time?


Brian FInch said...

I'm looking for a submissive who is into humiliation through housework.

Let me know if you find anyone in your neck of the woods!

Minge said...

I want to go and see this movie though am put off by its poor relation, Sin City. Are they obviously related?

Ken Monteith said...

Brian, if I find a houseboy (purely a matter of getting the cleaning done, not more), I believe I shall exhaust his appetite for exploitation before attempting to pass him on.

And Minge, I haven't seen Sin City. But I would almost compare the scenes of violence more to Full Metal Jacket: yes, very graphic, but the styling almost undoes that.