04 February 2012

Lost in Translation

One of the fascinating things about the internet for me is the content, the things and people I would not normally encounter in my daily life. I have done my share of profile creeping in Facebook: click on the attractive friend of a friend to go to his profile, look through his friends, repeat…it can lead you around the world if you have the time (or can make the time).

Well, a few weeks ago I noticed that one of my far away Facebook friends had liked a particular Turkish movie star: Cansel Elçin. Well, having a weakness for a handsome face, and particularly for one from the Great Olive Ellipse of the Mediterranean (watch for a link forward on this one in the future), I also "liked" him on Facebook.

But, really, what's not to like?! He also seems to have a career going in France, so is producing some material that even I can follow and appreciate.

From time to time, as many stars do, he (or a publicist, I suppose?) updates his Facebook page by adding a photo or a status update that I see if the timing is right. Today, a new photo AND a status update. Alas, the status update was in Turkish!
Bu arada dün barinaga gelen arkadaslara tesekkür ederim. O sogukta bizi yalniz birakmadiniz. Sevgiler.
Oh, but what's this below the status? That fascinating feature that is becoming omnipresent on the internet: "translate this". You will need to understand first that my Facebook is set to French (Canada), but the translation still leaves me without a grasp of the bulk of the message:
Pendant ce temps, hier j'ai arkadaslara de tesekkür barinaga. Sogukta o birakmadiniz nous seul. Vôtre.

Ah, my mystery man, what sweet nothing have you uttered to me?


Zeke said...


Flip over to Google Translate and go from Turkish to English and you get this: "In the meantime, thank you to Friends from a shelter yesterday. That cold, we leave him alone. Yours."

Sorry it wasn't more personal...

Ken Monteith said...

Darn that Google, ruining my dreams again! ;-)

Samira said...

Hello Ken, I'm Samira, and I'm from Azerbaijan, a neighbour country to Turkey. And I'm one of the Cansel Elcin fans.
I'm so happy to read your note about him, because we feel proud of him. He is not only a handsome and successful actor, but also a very gentle and kind-hearted person who always keeps in touch with his fans, and appreciates their love and respect. Cansel is loved in many countries and has got thousands of fans which feel proud of him, and follow his daily life, we take his advice about books and movies into account, ask for his opinion about different things. I think a lot of stars have got something to learn from Cansel - in being a real star and a real man.

Ken Monteith said...

Thank you Samira! Even though most of what I have seen of him is film clips and advertising, I know there are some kinds of attitudes and personality traits that can't come from the writers, but find themselves in the actor. I think you can see kindness and humour in what he does.

Do you have any recommendations for films of his? (I will have to find films that I can follow in English or French, subtitles a possibility.)

Samira said...

Unfortunately, I don't have all his films and series with subtitles. He played mostly in series in Turkey, and in 2 films. And also shot his own film for youth. I guess he can give you the links of his films in France himself.
But I can give you the links of his series that is loved most of all - Gonulchelen (which means Heart Stealer) about a florist gipsy girl and a rich music professor. It is based on the Pygmalion story, and is very nice romantic comedi series.
Here you can read the english version of the first 7 episodes,


but the rest episodes we have with English subtitles on youtube.

You can watch them all on FadiaTube channel on Youtube.

I would like to help you more, but that's all for now.
I asked Cansel to help with the links, he will reply you if he has got any.

Ken Monteith said...

Thank you! This is an excellent start for me, I appreciate your finding them for me. ;-)

aya201077 said...

i love that .. you know i lost in translarion too :D ilike cansel elcin and i follow him but this hard as he writes his tweets in turkish or in french and i know nothing about them :D