01 February 2012

Give 'em enough rope…

Oh, those Tory scamps! Now that they have firm control of the two houses of Parliament, they just can't stop themselves from shooting off at the mouth, generally right into their feet.

This time? Senator Pierre-Hugues Boisvenu saying that, while he believes in rehabilitation and is against the death penalty, murderers should have a piece of rope in their cells so they could make that decision on their own.

He has apologized, but I expect we can look forward to a lot more such reckless swagger from the Tories. May it open the eyes of voters in time for the next trip to the polls.

(We'll notice that whenever it is a Québec Tory it seems to be a Senator. This is because they don't have very good luck getting elected here, and must rely on that highly democratic practice of appointing to the Senate the party's failed candidates and those who don't even dare try to get elected.)

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