06 March 2010


I've never really put any pictures of myself on this blog, partly because it's about what's going on inside my head, partly because I have been having terrible body image problems over the last few years with weight gain. Now I'm sort of making an exception to that practice, but you will have to go elsewhere to actually see me in action.

Since Thursday, I have been participating in the 6th Canadian HIV/AIDS Skills Building Symposium here in Montréal. Bob, who you can also see here, asked me to do a short interview with him for PositiveLite.com, a collective blog we are both involved in with a number of other people. I was happy to oblige, even though I'm sure I'll have all my image issues when it gets posted.
Here's the trade-off – Bob promoting the eventual posting of the video over at PositiveLite.com:

Just to clear up a few issues in the video Bob shot…I'm not actively soliciting applications for boyfriend, but if any unsolicited ones should happen to roll in…well, who am I to be rude?

And the question he didn't ask? Black. My favourite colour is black. Just like my heart. ;-)

Post script: the interview is now up and can be seen here!


Bob said...

A star is born, maybe today, maybe tomorrow.

Actually you were very good Ken. And now you've got this experience in front of the camera, a career in porn is only steps away!

Ken Monteith said...

Thanks, Bob, but I'm not sure that talking is what is needed for a career in porn! ;-)

Bob said...

True. How are your other oral skills?


Brent said...

there is always the job of fluffer to get your feet wet.

Ken Monteith said...

Bad aim if I'm getting my feet wet as a fluffer! ;-)