12 March 2010


I suppose it has actually only been 9 days since I went to the optometrist and then selected multiple frames for the fabulous deal (buy 3, get 3), but it still seems like forever since the old glasses broke only 3 days ago.

So here's that first look at my new glasses:

Okay, just kidding. Those are some new glasses underneath, but the dominant image is the 3-D glasses I was wearing to see Alice in Wonderland ("I need a pig here!").

Bob would have me do this:

I think not, oh helpful one!

Here is my lovely selection of frames:

The last two also come with magnetically attachable sunglasses:

I am most relieved indeed to have new glasses and multiple backups.

Now maybe I will be able to see the slides at the front of the room in my ongoing conference tomorrow morning.


Lubin said...


Bob said...

You look good in duct tape!


Bob said...

Did you like Alice btw? We were tres disappointed.

Ken Monteith said...

I found enough in Alice to like and by which to be amused. It definitely didn't need to be in 3D, however...those effects were kind of wasted on it.

I guess you won't be trusting me for movie recommendations, am I right?

David McHep C said...

Fabulous. I'm jealous. David

Bob said...