03 March 2007

The End of My Clinical Trial!

Last Tuesday marked the end of my year-long participation in a clinical trial of a substance that is supposed to treat lipo-accumulation.

The substance itself is a precursor to human growth hormone and involves all of those things that airport security wants to see in your carry-on baggage: syringes (2 per day), little vials of powder that must be kept refirgerated by a gel pack, and little bottles of sterile water to mix with the powder before injecting it each day.

I am quite thrilled to be done with the injections; it seems like I have added a bunch of free time to my mornings! The results, however, have left me less hopeful about a pharmaceutical solution to all this weight I have gained over the last two to three years, due in part to my previous regime of HIV meds. (Notice how I am not so silly as to rule out my own responsibility for some — if not most — of my weight gain through the combined effects of aging, sloth and a fondness for cheese and chocolate. I don't think any of those things, however, would be responsible for the strange ways in which I have gained this weight: buffalo hump (yes, the source of the blog name), trunk fat, but no love handles and next to no fat on legs or buttocks).

In terms of the results, I seem to have lost weight during the first half of the study, when I seemed to be on the placebo, and gained a bunch of weight in the second half on the study drug. I have two words that describe the result in my eyes: échec total!

Just to make sure that my whole experience was rounded out well, the doctor cancelled my appointment for my final day, leaving me with a giant gap in my day between dexa scan and CT scan, which were themselves done in different locations. I still have to see if I can free myself from other obligations to go to the next proposed appointment time with the doctor (I am working and have responsibilities, after all).

But I was able to take advantage of my midday gap to go see a movie that I had not found the time to see until then:

I thoroughly enjoyed this film and would recommend it highly. The best thing for me was the lack of "innocent" characters: no complete angels; all the main characters had done something of which others could disapprove, which is more like real life than most popular films tend to be.

I won't likely sit still if Dame Judi Dench sits next to me on a park bench, for fear of being drawn in!


Oscar said...

Dr. Harvey Abrams in Los Angeles, California has had great success with treating the "Buffalo Hump" or fat pad on the back of many clients. He also has a permanent treatment for facial and buttock fat loss. Feel free to call OSCAR at 323-936-1245 for more information and to schedule a free consultation.

Ken Monteith said...

Actually, I have heard of surgical removal of the buffalo huimp here, and it is also covered by medicare. That would alsways be my first choice, given limited financial resources and not even going into the U.S. ban on travel by foreigners living with HIV.

Also, it is worth mentioning that the treatments for facial and buttock fat loss, as effective as they may be, are not particularly permanent.