03 March 2007

So Is This a Lion or a Lamb?

You know that whole thing about the month of March: in like a lion, out like a lamb, or vice versa.

Well, here is another lovely photo with my web cam out my front window:

Yes, another big snow storm just to make a liar out of everyone (that would be me) who like to say that once March gets here, it's pretty much over for the year.

In Montréal, there are little signs on every street that no one from anywhere else can figure out, but which relate to the two one-hour no parking times each week to allow the street sweeper truck to pass. These parking restrictions come into effect on March 1 each year and last until December 1.

Why do I think that the street sweeping truck might start a little later this year?

(And, just to underline the wisdom of anyone I might happen to know who is, say, in Mexico at this moment...our temperature is also supposed to dip below -20°C on one or two nights next week.)

Hope you haven't run out of sun screen ... you wouldn't want to prematurely age your skin!

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