10 June 2007


Where, oh where has one of my favourite blogs to read, Oink grrr, gone?

I got a couple of "this blog is private, you have not been invited" messages, but kept trying. Now, there is some kind of redirection to an anti-spyware site that is most annoying, so I reluctantly remove the link from my list of blogs.

How sad!


Gaylord said...

I'm here precious chicken! I was attacked by viruses, never fear, I'm plotting my comeback...... mwahahahahaha

Ken Monteith said...

Yay! I was most worried indeed. I thought another spider had dropped from a tree (or a rat from the airport ceiling) what with you being all unaccustomed to Aussie wildlife after your travels.

Zoe said...

Here it is! Hurrah!


Ken Monteith said...

Yes, I noticed that it is back and as entertaining (and sometimes disturbing) as ever. It's back on my blog list.

Brent said...

But alas no way of contacting him to let him know of my interests too. :O(