19 September 2007

Après ça, le déluge

At last, the final benefit (well, probably not the final benefit) of my lovely new fridge.

I dug out the ice cream maker that I bought from a former colleague many years ago when she was moving and I have had the metal cylinder in the freezer for weeks, just waiting for me to get around to making my first ice cream. Here is the product of my labour. sprinkled with a few raspberries that were in my fridge, having see somewhat better days (but still tasty).

Now I feel downright accomplished and will have to start sharing more of my cooking (and food preparing more generally) here.

I was seriously concerned that this first ice cream might not work out. I wasn't sure just how long to cook it; I put it into the fridge still a bit warm; I left it there way too long (actually went out to see a play and came back after it had been in the fridge for four hours rather than the recommended one!). But yum! The results were worth all the risk-taking.

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