16 September 2007

Walking with the Hump

So today was Ça Marche, our annual AIDS fundraising walk.

I'm happy to say that everything, or almost everything, was perfect for it: bright and sunny; cool yet not cold; a reasonable turnout; and the Farha Foundation (organizers of Ça Marche) did a really good job of having a diversity of entertainment along the way, snacks, beverages and even bubbles at a surprising number of spots (is it possible to gain weight while walking 7 km? I think it might be!) and even swag for those of us who had raised a certain amount of money.

Yes, I did attain Star Walker status again, raising (as of this morning) $2,195 by mail and via the internet (which is almost the same in U.S. dollars these days!). That's a bit shy of my goal and my last year's total, but I also know that I have some more donations coming to me by mail and on the event web site. If anyone reading this wants to add to that, click here to donate and I shall be most eternally grateful! ;-)

Not only does every dollar go to help support the many programs of my organization, AIDS Community Care Montreal, but it might help me in my personal challenge to groups within the organization. You see, each year, I challenge any group of 8 people to raise more than I do alone and I will make a cake for the group. Last year, two cakes! This year, I might be risking as many as four (which is good news about the efforts of these other teams, and I am happy to do it…but let's not make it easy for them!) The fun part was the inventiveness of their online team names, like the one by the ACCM Board: A Chocolate Cake, Monteith! (Which, if you are swifter than I was when I first saw it, also spells out the acronym of the organization, ACCM).

So now I'm home, taking a bit of time to nurse my feet back to relative health, and getting ready to make pickles! Yay! (But that's another entry, isn't it?!)

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