22 October 2007

Ranting and Crowing

Okay, let's start with the ranting, if only to end on a more positive note.

I get home delivery of a local newspaper on Saturday and Sunday only. You might think that would be pretty simple. Not so fast! Actually, because I am getting an English paper, but I live in a more French part of town, my paper has made an arrangement with one of the French papers to do its delivery here while the english carrers deliver the French paper in a more English part of town.

So imagine my frustration when neither of my two weekend papers got delivered a few weeks ago. In thier place, copies of the French paper (and because I am a bit of a snob, this wouldn't be the one that I would get if I were regularly reading a French paper). I phoned to report my delivery problem each of the two days I was supposed to get the paper, and received a credit for it. Then on the Monday and Tuesday following, I was finding both the English and French papers on my porch (remember that I don't want the English one on weekdays and I never want this French one). So I called again to complain and the English one stopped, but the French one continued for another week. The next weekend, I got half of my English paper (none of the weekend features that actually motivate me to buy it) and ... a French paper. A few days later, I finally managed to get that French paper stopped.

That was until this week. French paper Thursday. French paper Friday. French paper and half of the English paper (again!) Saturday. French paper and my whole Saturday and Sunday English papers Sunday. I feel like I might have to buy some carbon offsets just to compensate for the forest that is being destroyed to deliver papers I don't even want!

On a side note, I have left the French papers in front of my neighbours' door, just in case they actually ordered them or wanted them. They have been stepping over them to get into their apartment, but leaving them there! I shall have to pick them up to put them in the recycling Tuesday morning.

Now I'm so worked up again that I will have to leave the crowing for another time. Good thing I'm taking all that high blood pressure medication! ;-)

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