16 December 2007

Early *iversary

Yeah, I did mean to do that.

I have two *iversaries to mark in the coming week, and since I will be out of town and, unthinkably, in a place where I will have NO internet access (not to mention NO cell phone signal!) when the *iversaries happen, I thought I would write about them now.

The first one to arrive is my AIDSiversary on 22 December. It will have been ten years ago on that day when I presented myself first at my doctor's office and then, with his direction, at the emergency room up the hill with case of what would turn out to be PCP (pneumocystis carinii pneumonia), an AIDS-defining illness. Who knew that I would still be alive and relatively healthy ten years later? I certainly doubted it, despite the reassurance of my doctor and the (then) fresh new medications which would serve to restore my health.

In a little "what good luck, what bad luck" twist, that is also my friend Lois' birthday. I no longer forget her birthday, but I do have a sort of tragic association with it….

The next to arrive is my Blogiversary on 24 December. A whole year that I have been spouting off into the ether, sometimes creatively (at least in my own mind) and sometimes less so. I feel quite pleased that I have kept this up and I feel confident that I have more inanities to share in the months to come.

Happy *iversaries to me!


Brian said...

No internet access? No cell? Are you going to Gilligan's friggin' Island?

Ken Monteith said...
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Ken Monteith said...

It was crazily isolated Vavenby, British Columbia. But my luggage did take a three DAY tour elsewhere on the way out, which was none tooo pleasant, especially for the rest of my family. (We only hurt the ones we love, no?)

Acid Reflux (acidrefluxweb.com) said...

Ahhh I remember my 10th anniversary of the "She's Still Here Tour" with such fond memories. It's something you'll treasure for a long time.