25 January 2008

Friday en français : la rage

Urgence de santé publique à Toronto, parce qu'un chiot acheté dans un marché aux puces est mort de la rage. Une vingtaine de personnes qui auraient pu avoir contact avec les chiots doivent contacter la santé publique pour évaluer s'ils devraient se faire vacciner contre la rage.

L'histoire se lit en anglais ici.

Je n'ai qu'une seule question : qui achète un CHIOT dans un marché aux PUCES?


Brian said...

This is how that post looks when you put it into FreeTranslation.com:

Urgency of public health to Toronto, because a puppy bought in a market to the fleas is dead of the rage. About twenty persons that could have had contact with the puppies must contact public health to evaluate themselves they should do themselves to vaccinate against the rage.

The history reads itself in English here.

I have only a single question: that buys a PUPPY in a market to the FLEAS?

I love that 'rabies' translates into 'the rage.'

Ken Monteith said...

Don't you also love that anyone would buy a puppy in a flea market. It just seems counter-intuitive to me.

Brian said...

Kind of like buying a sperm whale in a bathhouse?

Or, wait. No. No, they're nothing alike. Never mind.

Brent said...

I used gTranslate add-on in Firefox and it did a superb rendition.
Emergency Public Health in Toronto, because a puppy bought in a flea market died of rabies. Some twenty people who may have had contact with the puppies should contact public health to assess whether they should be vaccinated against rabies.

davidmccombs4 said...

My reaction exactly. Who the hell would by a puppy in flea market? More importantly, “Why can you sell animals at a flea market?” I’m dumbfounded.