12 January 2008

A Little Shuffle

I thought I would take some time to rearrange my links today (and to draw attention to them, I suppose). I've noticed that this is often something that people don't talk about in their blogs, but I think it's worth a word or two.

I have removed a couple of links for blogs that have stopped posting, or post so little so seldom that even I get frustrated going to them and seeing the same stuff come up … again! Not that I am the King of the posters, but I do expect more content in the stuff I go to see regularly than a random photo of a cute boy every six or eight weeks. Label me exigeant.

But speaking of the cute boy pictures, I thought I would make a whole other section for links to places I like to go to window shop. Maybe just to prove to myself that, yes, I still have my membership card, even if I haven't been digging it out of my wallet lately. That's what Pretty Things is all about. (One of these will stand out as having more content than just the pretty things, but he has also announced that he won't be posting for a while. It's still worth looking back through the older posts for some breathtaking photos, and some lovely scenery, too.)

Back to the main list, I have also included a few links to blogs posting gay cinema (no, not that kind of cinema — those links are still confined to my favourites and not listed here), usually in multiple parts needing to be reassembled after downloading. Being a recovering lawyer (like alcoholism, it really never leaves one's system), I would surely never advocate any kind of blatant or surreptitious copyright violation — it's just a lovely sampler to help people figure out what they need to purchase from original sources.

One of the ways I have discovered new blogs is by clicking on the "Next Blog" button at the top of Blogger blogs. All kinds of kooky random stuff comes up, which, for a person without a personal life like me, is very rewarding. Another way has been to explore the links from the blogs I like to read, so I hope my little list will lead you (eventually) to some other things that you might not have discovered otherwise.

Last but not least, I would ask you to recall that song "New York New York" put out by Nina Hagen decades ago. I read an interview with her once in which she explained how she arrived at the list of nightclubs mentioned in the song — they were all the places that let her in for free. So my other source of blogs I link to is from those who have ever left comments on my blog. And lest we think that is shallow, I would add that these are also triaged to include those whose content also responds to my other expectations: funny, interesting, and/or messages and experiences that are worth sharing.

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Brent said...

Thanks for including me. I check by your blog also on occasion. I have stepped up my posting since getting over my aids relate cancer. I was n't posting there for awhile being so sick in the stomach and weak. i found your site via Brian Finch's blog