14 September 2008

To the Tune of …The Beverly Hillbillies Theme

So here's a new feature that I dreamed up this morning. I hope to repeat this to other tunes and on other topics, but if I don't manage that, I guess I'm still left with this morning's inspiration:

Come and listen to a story 'bout a gal named Palin
If they made it onto land, surely she would be a-whalin'
The chef's out the door, so she's huntin' for her food
And up from the states comes a doddering dude

McCain that is … John McCain ...
'Maverick' … votes with W

Well the first thing you know, young Palin is a star
The yahoos are cheering from a-near and from a-far
The lipstick's hardly dry when we start hearing the tales
Trooper-gate! Drill the park! Oh my god, I hope she fails!

Loses … goes down in flames ...
She could end up in charge, ya hear?!

She lives next door to Russia, so she knows her foreigners
Sex talk is wrong, she'd rather be a grandmother
Gather up the clan, and include the bastard's dad
There's no time to waste, there's a nation to be had

One-liners oughta do … content optional ...
VP? PTA? They're all letters don't you see?!

Well she's got the gals convinced that she's breaking through for them
I don't know if they're dense, but the reasoning's rather dim
Banning books and stopping choice doesn't seem so good to me
And I don't think we can sacrifice our rights and still be free

That's it folks … if your rights are gone,
Just what are you protecting?

Any more verses out there? Just follow the rhyme scheme: AABB and the talking part…

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