01 September 2008

And Furthermore…

A couple of days have gone by since John McCain announced his choice for Vice Presidential nominee. A very clever move on his part, I must say, to find a woman who is on his side of all the big women's issues (i.e.: the wrong side). Who knew that the PTA could lead to something so big so quickly?!

I certainly hope that none of the former supporters of Hillary Clinton will be duped by this move. Surely what the candidate stands for is more important than her/his gender, or at the very least the candidate's gender will not excuse her hostility on the important issues.

Speaking also of important issues, I have been struck by the use of a phrase that is no longer commonly used in Canada: 'Equal pay for equal work.' Oh, we haven't given up on the notion, we have just moved on to 'Equal pay for work of equal value,' which theoretically allows us to compare accounting to welding, and which is generally the term that all of our political figures use, even the most right wing ones.

Picking up on that thought, I will soon be able to express my opinions about our own federal election, as our lovely (if we are to believe their pre-election advertising, which hit the airwaves this weekend) Prime Minister seems poised to break his own fixed election date law and put an end to the planned bye-elections by asking the Governor-General to dissolve Parliament and 'drop the writ' this week. I'm sure the campaign will give me lots of thing to say in the coming weeks.

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davidmccombs4 said...

I don't know where you found that picture of Stephen. I wonder if he used BBQ sauce on that kitten after the photographer left, or if he left it to marinade overnight. Pretty spooky stuff north and south of the border. Supposedly little kitten breath Stephen panicked that Obama may break out and effect voters up here (if only) so off to the polls we go. Talking about Obama. When I look at the Macain/Palin ticket and see that they are still ahead of Obama I am sure that racism (Yes I played that card) is the only explanation. Now Palin won't do interviews until she is sure that the media will treat her with the respect she deserves (read, don't ask hard questions). I'm sure that her party is cooking up their revenge on the journalist who insulted her by asking what the VP does. Poor Bambi's mom standing stunned looking at the spotlight, "Does?" The crowds down south don't seem to mind though. "Oh, lets vote for her anyway, what could go wrong?" She has that strong virile buck of a running mate anyway. Gees, Louise.