06 March 2009

Now I Know Why Al Gore Invented the Internet

I am someone who can while away his every minute and hour seated in front of my computer, either playing endless simple games, single endless games, or just following different blogs and such to wherever they will take me.

In that context, I really needed another reason to glue myself to that glowing screen. That reason is called Cam4.

If you ever wondered why Al Gore invented the internet, you need look no further. At every moment of every day, you will find countless men from countries around the planet seated in from of their web cams, whacking off live for you. To add to the spectacle, each cam has a chat room with an endless stream of instructions from watchers, often in languages not spoken by the featured man, and predictably intelligent in their content. Some of the cammers have found ways to make a few dollars for private shows, but the bulk of this is free, free, free.

There are people whose profiles describe them as 'straight' insisting that other men take out their penises (peni?), take off their shirts, etc. There are others whose self-identification as 'bi-curious' flows into actions that are downright bi-inquisitive. And the people who you would think might risk the most in identifying as 'gay' — those in various eastern European countries where attempts at gay pride parades are met with threats and actual violence and those in a number of middle eastern countries where people meet terrible punishments for their homosexuality — are the ones doing the real self-identifying.

Oh, there's sometimes more than inanity and 'mature' content. Some of them actually chat and some of the people in the chat rooms are fun and funny to boot. You can hear the cammers' taste in music and watch them do funny things. And, in my favourite Cam4 moment, there was a cute boy in Switzerland whose cam is integrated into his laptop who picked us up to walk downstairs to go outside for a cigarette. I felt like I was being carried around the house (and a little bit like a needed a gravol).

So, thanks Al Gore. For the internet.


madamerouge said...

And thank YOU! I didn't know about this. I haven't been this enthralled with an amateur site since I discovered xtube. I'm going to be wanking myself silly to this one, I'm sure.

Brent said...

cam4 you say hmmmmm