06 March 2009

One-Sentence Movie Reviews

I have probably seen more movies this year (think school year) than I saw in the last several years before that combined. I remember that when I started my blog I did a few short movie reviews and I thought I ought to catch up with my many recent viewings. True to form, however, I will be very superficial about this and I'm determined to cover each in a single sentence, even if I have to make that sentence inordinately long.

I am also not paying any attention to conserving the surprises, so be warned in advance!

I sing you to me, Hugh Jackman, and I have something creamy in mind for you, too.

If you wear the same outfit as your friend, you might get what your father deserves.

(v.o.f. : Entre les murs) Sometimes those rigid hierarchical structures will make you the pétasse, and a pétasse ratatiné to boot.

If I wait around long enough, the wrinkly old man might become Brad Pitt, and then I will live for the moment, knowing it won't last.

Don't shoot the giant metal thing: it might get mad and swarm you.

No, I want to be Daniel Craig's forest wife.

I didn't know I could grow to have a degree of grudging respect for a pinched and bitter old nun.

We show some skin, but not-not enough.

Those Italian loafers really are quite effeminate.

I loved it, I hated it and I loved it again as I cried at the end, just like all the young women and their dragged-there boyfriends we saw it with.

I do enjoy watching Brendan Fraser, especially when he is taking care of a child he cares about and dealing with things supernatural.

Why are nerds so cool and can this guy play anything else?

I'm not sure if I would hide my illiteracy or my childhood affair at the price of a lengthly prison sentence, but then again I'm not a Nazi.

Contain your dreams or they will ruin your life.

There's nothing like a life of adversity to make you remember stuff, but I'm not sure when you learned how to dance the credits like that.

So that's it for now, except one final comment: what's with all the Nazi themes this year? (3 of the above and one I didn't even see.)

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madamerouge said...

@ Hugh Jackman & "creamy" - WORD
@ Brendan Fraser - yes please
@ He's Just Not That Into You - I just want my Jen to be happy!