01 July 2009

Mixed Message

The 30th Montreal International Jazz Festival is underway, and the zone in which it is traditionally held is in full construction mode.

The location of the welcome banners is obviously pre-determined and did not take into consideration the street closures for construction work. Here is what greets people at the intersection of de Maisonneuve and St-Laurent:

…and a close-up of that barrier fence across the "entry" way:

Welcome to the Festival indeed!

I guess we will find out later what the purpose of the work depicted below will be, but it started out with the removal of some rather lovely flowering crabapple trees that outlined the two little triangle-shaped parks flanking that section of de Maisonneuve, between Clark and St-Urbain.

And I didn't even take pictures of the demolition of the Place-des-Arts parking structure (just to the right of this view of the big hole) or, to be fair, the part of Jeanne-Mance that was apparently completed in time for the Stevie Wonder concert last night. Or mostly completed…

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