30 December 2009


I had a lovely lunch and shopping trip in Outremont with my friend Maychai today.

We had lunch at the lovely Steak Frites, although we were both good and had salads (hers with duck, mine with grilled shrimp) and then I tossed all caution to the wind and had a lovely molten chocolate cake for dessert with our lovely double espressos allongés.

But the discovery came before lunch, as we shopped. We went into Gourmet Laurier and I found out that the rumours were true! One can find Orangina Rouge on this side of the Atlantic! And TUC LU crackers, too! And here is the proof:

Does this mean that I will stop sending my employees on missions possibles when they have meetings to attend in France? No. After all, they're going anyway and even with the exchange the price I found here was a bit steep.

Still, it is comforting to know that, in a pinch, I can satisfy my beverage needs without shelling out for a plane ticket to Paris.


Anonymous said...

How much were they?

Ken Monteith said...

The Orangina Rouge was C$6.99 for 1.5 L

The TUC LU crackers were C$2.79 for 100 g

Anonymous said...

Echt Teuer!