31 January 2010

Down at Tosca Rock

I just got back from the opera, and boy… Okay, no finish for that one. I continue to love the promotional materials of the Opéra de Montréal (above).

Once again, the sets would have made a nice apartment, if you could keep the crazy diva from tossing a life-sized doll off the parapet. And I was appreciating the solemn silent soldiers, but that might be because it’s been a while…

The action, it seems, was in the crowd.

Two rows ahead of us, there was a woman wearing quite a dazzling feather coat. She took off the part that looked like it had been made of the plucked tail feathers of a thousand tiny pheasant babies and she still had on a feather collar and a stylish hat, itself adorned with feathers. My companions decided to call her the Fraggle, as those characters were the last to be able to pull off that degree of featheredness.

We also saw an Angelica Houston look-alike (complete with bangs) and someone else in a red leather skirt that would have looked at home on Tina Turner.

The funniest sight might have been the leader of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition. Not the fact that he was there, but the manner of his arrival.

"Can anybody tell me where my seat is?"

It seems that the guy who thinks he ought to be in charge of charting our way over the next years arrived in the wrong row and had to climb over a couple of rows to get to his seat. It’s not every day you see a political leader climbing over theatre seats.

Calculating in my tiny head from where we were sitting to where he was, I figure that he was supposed to be in row Q, but entered row O instead. Hmmm… Ontario starts with an O and Québec with a Q, and he headed instinctively to the O. I wonder if there are any conclusions to be drawn from that?

Just asking.


Geoff said...

I'll match him against Joe Biden any day of the week lol. Great post, and that is a striking poster!

David McHep C said...

It is that Toronto crowd. They are always pulling him over to that isle. David