06 February 2010


With all of the bad automotive news circulating in the media these days, it occurred to me that there is actually an opportunity here for a joint promotional adventure.

On the one hand, we have Toyota, having some problems with sticky accelerators on a few of its models, and apparently with brakes on some of their Prius models. (As an aside, I was trying to determine whether the plural of Prius would be Priusses or Prii, but ended up just avoiding it!) Note the massive battery power on the non-combustion side of the Prius.
On the other hand, you have Energizer, with the little bunny that keeps going, and going, and going….

Now is that lemonade or what?

In other thoughts, I have found myself looking at the grilles of cars slowing to stop at red lights before stepping in front of them to cross the street. I know it isn’t logical, but all the media coverage has made me a tiny bit reluctant to step in front of a Toyota until it has completely stopped.

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