02 October 2010

Best. Dog toy. Evah!

It never ceases to amaze me what variety we can find in our local mega-pharmacy, if only we take the time to look.

You know the kind of place: actual pharmacy counter in the back, after you have entered through the new, classed-up cosmetics section, walked past rows of skin and hair care products, candies and, increasingly, groceries… Funny, but I wandered into mine this evening in order to buy milk for breakfast tomorrow.

Then my friend and I stumbled upon the best find:

Despite our advanced ages, we were like children, making it grunt and laughing, bringing smiles to other shoppers – well, all but the most humourless – and it just didn't get old.

I had to buy it and plan to use it in an elaborate plot to get some laughs at my next board meeting. My president, you see, brings her three dogs sometimes, one of whom has a particular farting problem. I figure on using this genius product to humiliate the dogs for a while and then hand it over so that they can have their way with it.

Oh, I kill me!


Anonymous said...

Do you really want to sacrifice this treasure to a trio of flatulent, lame, and dumpster-diving dogs? I think not!

David McHep c said...

Save the pig from the dogs. There is a TV series that I watch and one of the characters has a stuffed hippo that farts when she squeezes it. I would love to get one if I only knew where to find one. Perhaps I'll ask Santa.