01 March 2012


A horrible realization today as I was waiting for the bus to go home from work. I have become the person I would have accused of insensitivity just a few short years ago.

Yes, it has only been a few years since I got myself a cell phone. This in reaction to having some problems with my land line, which would be too complicated to explain in this short entry. I couldn't be without the means to contact emergency services, and couldn't necessarily count on being able to get to the pay phone up the street.

This is really a story about the pay phone, and how this once ubiquitous creature is disappearing quickly from our urban landscape. Everyone, it seems, has a cell phone and doesn't need a pay phone. This, or course, is the insensitive statement that doesn't take into consideration those in our society who don't have the means to maintain their own cell phones, especially in this land of overpriced telecommunications.

And today I waited in the bus shelter because of the ongoing snowstorm and because I didn't want to be in the wrong place just outside the bus shelter when the accumulated snow would slide of the roof. I wanted to be able to anticipate the arrival of the bus without those snow-filled risks and what do I see?

A rotten phone booth blocking the view! Why is it there? Nobody needs those anymore!

What a horrible person I turned out to be: lost all my concern for the marginalized because of a little snow.

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Daniel Baylis said...

Welcome to my world.