20 July 2013

Fury – comma - Nature’s

I wasn’t sure that I was going to make it to the cinema this week, let alone be able to sit through a film and go out for a bite to eat afterward. Not a health problem, but a weather incident! I had two blocks to walk from the bus I took to get to the cinema, but in that two blocks a storm unleashed the totality of its fury on me (and on others around me, I suppose, but who has time to care about others in a personal disaster?!). I had an umbrella, and I managed to keep it under control for the most part (only one inside-out incident and quickly reversed), but you wouldn’t have known it if you saw me arrive at my destination.
In short, the storm threw rain at me from the front almost horizontally for the first part of my journey and then balanced itself with some frontal horizontal rain for the last bit. Inside, I was able to squeeze excess water from the hem of my lengthening-by-the-minute t-shirt several times, without seeming to have an impact on the amount of water I was carry around with me.

It’s surprising how that much water made me look like Jake Gyllenhaal, no? Could I see a movie in such a state? The account I have written of the film (next post) should provide your answer. Just underlining the great personal sacrifice I went through to share my silly thoughts on current movies with you (#firstworldproblems).

But just a couple more weather notes before I move to the next post focused on the film: one of my friends arrived by car and told us that he watched the temperature drop by almost 15° C on his car’s external thermometer in the space of a few minutes. We also continued to hear the massive claps of thunder throughout the film inside the cinema — yikes!

I see from the weather reports that we only got about 22 mm of rain from the storm, but I can tell you exactly where it seems to have landed. I saw that place in the mirror this morning!

Enough whining…back to our regular programming…

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