22 July 2014

Nightfall in the Cinema of the Apes

Well, that was an interesting evening at the movies.

First, the woman in front of me (not even a teen!) kept pulling out her cell phone, until she was heckled by someone behind me, and then ordered by a cinema staff member to put it away...she must have been EXTREMELY important to need to be so in touch.

Then we got to see what happens when there are technical difficulties in the automated age — I am old enough to have seen film break and even burn in front of the projector, but here the bulb burned out and the soundtrack continued (dangers of not having someone watching the machinery). Since we were watching Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, people started hooting like apes, and some clever person actually went out to tell a staff member there was something wrong.

We didn't get a rewind, but we got a quick fix and a coupon for a free film on the way out. Highly entertaining, despite the few minutes we missed out on in the middle.

Oh, the film? I quite liked it, but I have always been a science fiction geek with a penchant for the post-apocalyptic. It was certainly seamlessly done, with full application of the latest technology, and having seen some “making of” moments, I am terribly impressed by the actors playing the apes despite their being covered in CGI effects on screen.

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