24 December 2006

Another Voice in the Din

Here I am, finally starting the blog that I have been thinking about for a while now. The computer and internet connnection upgrades, along with a little time off to try to figure this out, make this the time to start, although I don't necessarily have a lot to say at this very moment.

Why am I doing it? Just to add my voice to the din, maybe to share whatever might be unique about my own experiences of life as a gay man living with AIDS in the privileged developed world.

Sounds pretty serious so far, but let me assure you that I laugh almost every day and I hope to share a bit of my twisted sense of humour as well as my sarcastic commments, my naive observations...all that stuff. And be warned that from time to time I will add a comment or a whole post en français, because I do, after all, live in Montréal and this is a big part of my reality.

How about if I challenge myself in post number one by attempting to embed one of my favourite clips from The Family Guy?

I guess that should tell you how I feel about my own personal health situation — if you can't laugh at yourself....

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davidmccombs4 said...

Hey there Ken,

Thanks for the heads up about your blog. Catchy title! I wonder if Fox may pick it up for daytime television. 'Talking to the Hump.' Then perhaps a studio may grab it? 'Talking to the Hump, The Movie.' Then, dare I say, Broadway? 'Andrew Lloyd Webber’s, Hump, The Musical.' I also think that it is just too cool that you were so prepared and recorded the moment of your diagnosis like that. I didn’t even get a lousy letter to commemorate the occasion. I’ve been living the life of a hermit too. All I’ve known the last three months is my Dad and my Dog. I am unsure which one passes the most gas. I think that it is a competition. Of course, I am adding my voice to the chorus too. Got to love that Ritonavir! I too wanted to grab a cheap computer on Boxing Day, but with me living in a city that punishes those who do not drive, and having no wheels, I was left out.

Hamilton, ON