27 December 2006

Shopping postponed!

Okay, so I didn't really make it out the door in time to participate in the madness yesterday. We'll file that one in the 'not being too hard on myself because that wouldn't be healthy' file. (This is a file that can be traced back to December of 1997, when I had PCP — AIDS-defining pneumonia — and was diagnosed with HIV and AIDS as a consequence: take it from me, I wouldn't recommmend waiting for a health catastrophe to be kinder to yourself.)

But getting back to the shopping, which is, after all, the more important topic right now...

I did go shopping today, minus the crowds and minus a few of the better deals. Being most practical indeed, I shopped at the office supply store (yes, I do lead a life of unparallelled excitement!). I managed to buy a little memory stick to carry around my digital info, a web cam (this was a HUGE bargain) and a new office chair. Then, all carried away as I walked back through the mall, I impulse-bought a black cotton sweater.

Hold me back next year, I'll be lining up at the crack of noon on the 26th and elbowing through the harried crowds to get at the REAL bargains. ;-)

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