29 December 2006

Okay, so is my phone line fixed NOW?

Unbelievably, my eternally difficult relationship with Bell (well, eternally since this fall, after many many years of harmony) took another repair turn this week.

In the face of our big snowstorm on Boxing Day (okay, a tiny amount of snow fell), the connnection 'repaired' by the fourth repair person to visit me since September began to short out, giving me a lot of noise on my phone line and taking our my new high-speed internet connnection. I was, as you might imagine, most pleased indeed. :-(

Well, a fifth visit may finally have solved the problem in the long term, as the offending wire to the outside, broken and patched all those years ago by the former landlord's work crew and then deteriorating inside the wall ever since, has now been replaced.

Cross your fingers for me. After all, my past salvation has been short-lived, so I am a bit leery about getting on the celebration bandwagon until I see that my phone and onternet connnections continue to work for at least a few weeks.

*Sigh* At least this time I didn't have to miss any work for the repair visit.


blogbottom said...

Hmmm...4 visits? Sounds like a telephone repairman fetish to me. Let's hope Bell doesn't find out about the safety pins you've been sticking through the phone wire.

Ken Monteith said...

I keep trying and trying, but they won't send me the one who looks like the guy on my desktop! ;-) Maybe I just can't tell with all the clothes....